5G and AI a Potent Combination

26 Apr 2019

5G and AI a Potent Combination

I was excited to see 5G on my iPhone! San Francisco is one of the 19 cities to experience tremendous increase more than 20x in network speed.

5G is the next big step for IoT, AI, and cloud applications. The industries that we will see the most change in the data handling and with innovative hardware will be:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotives
  • OTT players
  • Semiconductors
  • Telcom

AI-powered data centers to search, analysis, and intelligent processing for real-time over the air (OTA) swarm connected data updates is almost near realization with the utilization of the full potential of 5G and 6G (maybe the late 2020s).

Did you ever question the current state after watching Terminator, Matrix, Inception and other similar movies? But looks like the fiction in those movies is going to move to non-fiction categories soon.

When the news came out that BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is shutting down, one of my friends commented: “it is the end of an era.” We will go through the end of an era for many things. Changes we may see in 2020, and late 2020 are:

  • Healthcare — centralized patient health record access, Telemedicine; remote patient care monitoring; rapid real-time learning for predicting health, real-time assistance during surgery and predictive post-surgery care;
  • Manufacturing — improved error detection with smart sensors; multisystem connectivity; waste reduction and substantial operational cost savings.
  • Automotive — Driver: digital key access on multiple features, rich media and more data on the dashboard to enhance the driving experience; road infrastructure and traffic update with millisecond latency; OEM: granular monitoring data; provide driver assistance about unpredictable conditions; connected data sharing V2V and V2X
  • OTT — entertainment, entertainment, entertainment… whether you are visiting virtual Taj Mahal with your VR, or in the autonomous car with powerentertainmentful experience to listen to music, video in all seats, let us call it on road entertainment or hanging out with friends in person and virtually via gaming, VR or other OTT medium.

The below two will have to consider a lot of things in their product and strategy so that infrastructure and technology combined is robust, scalable and reliable.

  • Semiconductor — with MMwave 5G and in future 6G, a lot of expectations from industries above have the robust infrastructure for processing the data, with hardware that can utilize low power, less space, affordable cost, and many more.
  • Telecom — reliable, affordable network availability every time and everywhere.

The graph above shows that carriers have different download speeds in my view the network providers if formed a consortium to provide reliable bandwidth, so we have one less problem to solve in the rapid innovation era.

The biggest challenge is the infrastructure readiness to process the data in cloud, edge or combination of cloud and edge. What do you think?

By: Praveena Dhanalakota
VP of Cognitive/AI Global Practice

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