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When we use electricity to fuel the movement of people and materials, we open the door to transforming the worlds transportation sector. Countless electric fleet applications continue to emerge at an astonishing rate, and expanding infrastructure and technology is key to meeting the growing demand of carbon-free solutions also, grid interconnection solutions, electric fleet, charging infrastructure, and more. 

This has trigged the rapid demand for EV chargers and will continue to increase as EV demand rises. Globally, the EV charging infrastructure industry has grown at a compound annual rate of 46.8 percent from 2017 to 2021,  and is forecast to continue until it reaches $45.59 billion in revenue by 2025.1 MDM Executives is helping to fuel this demand by developing EV infrastructure components that meet emerging standards for safety and performance, as well as interoperability with smart grid technologies.

MDM Executives is also advancing best practices for grid integration and new business model development to maximize the potential benefits of EVs to the electric grid. This includes subsidizing energy surpluses to create a more stable infrastructure locally, nationally, and internationally. Moreover, we are accelerating the electrification of the transportation sector with stronger management and renewed focus on research, state legislature, and the economics of utility and fleet rollouts.

MDM is working with utilities to plan for the integration of EVs into their business and operations, including the development of EV-charging programs, EV organizations, distribution planning, and new business processes, customer outreach programs, and charging incentives. We help clients explore every aspect of the transition to EVs from strategic planning and market assessments to program design and implementation, our experience across the energy and EV industries provides us with the experience and insight needed to help you navigate this rapidly changing environment. MDM specializes in automotive recruitment for electric vehicles and EV Charging Infrastructure. We provide permanent placement solutions to Consultancies, OEM’s, tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and technology developers.

Overall, The growth of EVs is creating an opportunities for forward-thinking utilities to leverage their size and scale and deploy EV charging infrastructure and grid development to support load growth, extend customer engagement, and grow the EV market.



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With shifts in available resources and the constant pursuit of cleaner, more efficient fuel sources, energy organizations feel the pressure to acquire more than just qualified and experienced leaders. They need top performers. Building a strong foundation of leaders that will steer your company through change and continue to position you for success is what MDM does best.

  • Infrastructure site analysis & design
  • Vehicle & route analysis
  • Charging strategy analysis
  • EVSE recommendation & selection
  • Load optimization
  • Engineering drawings
  • Permitting process
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Licensed subcontractor selection
  • Electrical & charging equipment procurement
  • Customer liaison services
  • Safety & security procedures
  • AHJ approvals & as-built drawings
  • Equipment procurement
  • Utility interconnection

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