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At MDM our focus is on helping companies acquire, develop and retain superior talent and brilliant minds in the highly competitive tech market. In a field experiencing tremendous change and growth challenges, we fully understand that a core team of innovative leaders is vital to a company’s success.Our clients turn to MDM to help them fill key positions covering a broad talent perspective. These leaders are able to navigate today’s landscape with an eye on the tech evolution, because tomorrow’s needs will look very different than today’s.

`Because of our relationships with the brightest minds in the industry, we are able to quickly identify and acquire exceptional talent that meets specific needs and corporate cultures. At MDM, our solutions exceed expectations consistently.

Start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies isn’t just a dream, when you’ve got the right people.



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With shifts in available resources and the constant pursuit of cleaner, more efficient fuel sources, energy organizations feel the pressure to acquire more than just qualified and experienced leaders. They need top performers. Building a strong foundation of leaders that will steer your company through change and continue to position you for success is what MDM does best.

Corporate growth, inclusion, and positive social impact can no longer be “either/or” propositions. 

Today’s leaders need to achieve all three and answer to a multitude of stakeholders – employees, shareholders, regulators, and the local communities in which they operate.

Our management consulting firm brings accelerated gains in revenue and performance to organizations and their leaders through transformational strategies that not only mitigate risks and streamline processes, but also build long-term relationships with stakeholders to ensure continued success.

Our mission is to directly benefit our customers, whether they are looking to acquire, build a consulting firm, help them with cultural matters, make sure they are aware of trends in their marketplace, put the right personnel in that matches their goals and priorities.

Our vision is setting ourselves apart by placing our attention on our clients, regardless of how small or big their problems are. As we take care of each client there is a certain satisfaction we get, besides helping them grow a company, we are contributing and assisting our closest allies.

After 22 years in business of putting in long hours and working weekends we value the things that matter most:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Work Ethic