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There’s no time for trial and error when you’re filling key positions in your company. 


MDM Positions Leaders Among Leaders…


With shifts in available resources and the constant pursuit of cleaner, more efficient fuel sources, energy organizations feel the pressure to acquire more than just qualified and experienced leaders. They need top performers. Building a strong foundation of  leaders that will steer your company through change and continue to position you for success is what MDM does best.


What Makes Us Different?


With decades of industry experience and deep roots within the utilities sector, MDM leverages key tier one relationships to build an ever-increasing roster of often unreachable pockets of talent in the utilities sector. Because we are constantly cultivating these key networks, MDM has the ability to fulfill even the most unique talent requests.

We truly believe the value an organization receives when they choose MDM Executive Search for talent acquisition is unmatched in the industry. Global energy organizations depend on the commitment, integrity, and vision of their people. We bring those people to you.


Proven Results


“I have worked with David McCorquodale, CEO and Founder of MDM & Associates Group, for over 10 years in multiple capacities. He provided services for me in two different organizations. First, I hired his firm to help bring in top middle management and senior-level utility management consultants to build a robust energy management consulting firm. This firm is now one of the most successful energy management consulting firms in North America.

David has a strong national energy rolodex, and knows quite a number of top energy management consultants at various levels. He is professional, very responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with.

In addition, in the last two years, he placed me as a utility partner at a Big Four management consulting firm. He handled my placement in a very professional manner with his usual strong communication skills and control over the process. I would highly recommend David McCorquodale and his firm if you are looking for key energy professionals or looking to build your own energy management consulting firm.”

Michael Elzey

Utility Advisory Services
Big Four Management Consulting Firm


Proven Results


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with David on both external searches for my practice and searches aimed focused on new opportunities personally. In both cases, David has shown a consistent ability to bring high quality opportunities and candidates to my attention. He has a deep network in the industry and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend David to  anyone looking to build a leading team in the energy industry.”

Jim Hendrickson
Utilities Advisory
Big Four Management Consulting Firm


Our Strengths in the Utilities Industry


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  • 2 Oct, 2013
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