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Board Member Personnel


Board Member Personnel

A Strong, Diversified Board Puts You In A Powerful Position


At MDM, we know the importance of having the right board members. More than just experience, we help you gain the upper hand by filling your board seats with key strategists able to address the unique requirements of the energy industry.

  • Superior analytical skills gleaned from decades of problem solving with multiple oil and gas companies.
  • Strong in the Big Four.
  • We bring talent to the table that has seen the landscape of the United States in the industry. The Midwest and NY face a very different set of energy issues. Having seasoned board members with direct experience across the nation is an invaluable asset.
  • Retiring leaders make excellent board members. MDM is positioned to immediately fill key openings with the brightest minds of the industry.


Building The Perfect Board


Collectively, your board should possess a combined skillset tailored to your organization’s current business needs and vision for the future.  Ideally, board members are proactive men of integrity, pragmatic, highly strategic, experienced, diverse, able to offer critical insights and review, and are adept at providing direct feedback and guidance. They are quick to reach the core of issues and have a strong sense of partnership that pushes the organization steadily ahead, while recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities.

Does this description fit your current board? If not, give MDM a call.

  • 2 Oct, 2013
  • admin

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